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This is awful.

So, let me explain whats going on here.  I went to a local carnival today and came across a Ping-Pong goldfish booth (a game where if you toss a ping pong ball into a goldfish bowl, you win a live goldfish)

I really like fish, and I wanted to look at the goldfish they had.  Then I found THIS.

These, ladies and gentlemen, are baby iguanas.  DOZENS OF BABY IGUANAS. Up for grabs at a CARNIVAL GAME BOOTH.

Why is this a problem?  Reptiles of ANY kind require specific care.  Heat lamps, UV Lights, tanks, etc.  This booth is allowing anybody that played and won a specific number of times to take one home, and more than likely to a home that doesn’t have the proper equipment or skill to care for them.  Also, Iguanas grow to be very, very large.  It’s not uncommon to see people releasing their pets into the wild once they get to a non-desirable size (snakes and turtles are a good example)

These lizards had only the water the goldfish swam in inside a small bowl to drink.  No food.  I also saw one making strange seizure like movements on the bottom of the cage I have little doubt that most of these lizards will die with the improper care they’d receive if they were given away.  I’d also like to think that the ones that aren’t given away will be released, seeing as I saw no food for them, no other carrying cases for the lizards beside the massive cage you see, set aside some smaller carrying cages meant for fish.

Also, mind you, they had BUCKETS upon BUCKETS of goldfish.  Finding/purchasing all of these lizards is ridiculous and dangerous for the animals themselves (I’ve always been skeptic of giving away goldfish anyways, seeing as they usually need filters and larger bowls/tanks to survive, as well as something to pump oxygen into the water)

Animals should NOT be given away as casual prizes for games.  They need educated people set up with the proper necessities to care for them and give them a healthy, happy life.  

This is terrible.  These lizards are practically on a death sentence.  I’m absolutely appalled. I’m appalled and angry.  Sadly, I can’t do anything for these lizards, seeing as I can’t take them all by playing the games, and I can’t forcefully take them seeing as I have no right or authority to confiscate them.

Animals should never be given away as prizes.  Never.

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    This makes me so sad. As a former iguana owner, I know how difficult it is to take care of them and keep them healthy....